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Accommodations are aboard a delightful sixteen to twenty-four passenger riverboat that has air-conditioned, double-occupancy cabins with private bathroom and shower, dining room, full bar, library and observation deck.
The opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography are incredible.

View monkeys, sloths, macaws, parrots, parakeets, hawks, eagles (on a past trip we have seen the harpy eagle, a rare and endangered eagle that is the most powerful bird in the world - it can lift a pig or sloth in its talons and fly to the tops of the trees), egrets, prehistoric-looking birds such as the horned screamer and the hoatzin, manatees, cayman and pink dolphins. Low-water season (October thru February) also provides wonderful sandy beaches for BBQ's and swimming.

Our trips are led by a world-renowned naturalist and begin with seven days on the mighty Amazon itself, then continue on the Rio Negro which is the 3rd largest river in the world. The black water of this river is highly prized by photographers for the pristine reflections it provides. We visit remote villages, families and the largest freshwater archipelago in the world.

Activities include canoeing, hiking, swimming, lap walks up on deck, yoga, photography, fishing including the famed peacock bass (photo at right), and usually there is an opportunity for water games and/or pick-up games of soccer in some the villages.

The Amazon also provides a wonderful opportunity for the amateur astronomer to view the night sky and constellations of the southern hemisphere without competition from man-made light sources.

Travelers can do as much or as little as they choose to.

Our onboard cook prepares delicious meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly caught fish grilled on deck, and fresh chicken and other meats. Vegetarians can easily be accommodated. We also have a full bar with bartender.

Evening Luau

Dining Room with beautiful Brazilian wood


Guest Cabin

Bathroom (All cabins have a private bathroom with shower)

All photos this page courtesy of Joyce Tang except exterior boat shot, reflections, hammock and dining room.

Tally Ho Adventures trips are strictly non-smoking.

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