Explore the mystery and wonder of the Amazon aboard a beautiful riverboat - your home away from home!

We host one or more trips a year to share our love and fascination for the greatest -- and largest -- of the world's rainforests. We are looking for fun, laid-back adventurers ready to explore the Amazon, meet new people and forge new friendships.

Our Next Adventures:


Join us for a journey into the heart of the Amazon. Explore the breathtaking beauty of river and jungle in one of the world's most magnificent settings. $1995


Join us for a fishing and nature trip combined. Designed for people who would like to explore the Amazon Rainforest and have plenty of opportunities to fish for peacock bass -- one of the premier sports fish in the wordl! $2295


Join us for a women's spiritual retreat on the Amazon. This journey is designed to take you deeply into the wild beauty of the Amazon while exploring the wild beauty of your soul. $2195

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Meet and learn about the wonderful people who inhabit the Amazon, uniquely adapted to a home where dry land may disappear for months on end and floodwaters may rise as much as forty feet.

Thrill to the sight of monkeys playing overhead, macaws kissing in the trees, pink dolphins playing in our wake. The Amazon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed!

Hike in the rainforest
View the wildlife
Swim with dolphins (photo at right)
Meet the people of the Amazon
Explore with a renowned naturalist
Relax and watch the river go by

Travel in comfort aboard a delightful 24-passenger riverboat with air-conditioned cabins (each with private bathroom and shower), delicious meals, full bar and observation deck. The small size of our boat gives us access to waterways and hidden places where larger boats simply cannot go.

Many thanks to all who have travelled with us. We have swum with dolphins, walked white sand beaches that felt like velvet, luxuriated under waterfalls, held emerald boas at a snake sanctuary, enjoyed luaus on deserted islands and danced under the stars.

"The Amazon River Excursion is a truly fantastic adventure that is guaranteed to change a person's life forever, as it did mine. Incredible fauna, flora & animals at every bend in the River. Insects, birds and reptiles and world class fishing! Photography that won't quit...you can't take a bad picture! ...Round-table discussions of the day's events punctuated by scientific & local information shared by Kim Tally & the crew...it can't get better than this! Next trip I'm taking my teenage daughter, just to see her eyes pop in wonder and her beaming smile light up her face. To all who may read this, this trip is a winner...do it!" Tim Cooper -- Laguna Beach, CA

And from the L.A. Times:

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Brazil: guided boat up the Amazon

"I strongly recommend a riverboat trip along the Amazon River sponsored by Tally Ho Adventures, a trip I took last summer. The crew was friendly and professional. Our guide, a biologist who had grown up on the river and knows its every twist and turn, was a source of detailed and fascinating information. There were opportunities for swimming, kayaking and fishing. All trips start and end in Manaus, Brazil..."

Nora Hamilton -- Santa Monica, CA

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